Saying Adios….

Wednesday morning we began our trip back to Indiana.  We said our “Goodbyes” to Manuel and Lidia, and then we returned to the airport in San Pedro Sula. 


Our trip was a success!  La Ceiba, Honduras offers a rich culture and a great city.  We came away knowing that our study abroad experience will be a successful one this summer for students.  Manuel and his team have put together a very safe and effective Spanish Emersion program, and we are excited to be partners with Centro Internacional Idiomas. 

Muchos Gracias Centro Internacional Idiomas!

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Coffee with our New Friend


With Dunkin Donuts within walking distance of our home, we took advantage of our last evening getting to know our friend from Japan that was studying at the Spanish Emerision School.  Katsu has visited 101 countries.  He loves to travel, and he speaks English.  He is taking the Spanish Program for his own interest.  He shared many pictures with us of his trips, and talked about the cultures that he has encountered.  We are excited that our students will have the opportunity to meet people from around the world and share their stories.

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Observation of Spanish Classes and Internships (Volunteer)

Today we returned to the school and obeserved one-on-one Spanish instruction with students, and met with Manuel to finalize an agreement that outlines prices for students.  In addition, Manuel took us to observe the internship sites that students can participate in.  One was a daycare/preschool, one was a school for children with disabilities, and we also visited the hospital where students have a chance to work with patients.

The pictures below are of the Centro Internacional de Idiomas.  The man is from Canada and is learning Spanish with his instructor.


The pictures below are from the daycare internship site.  The children were all very cute and wanted to give us lots of hugs.  The picture with the beds is where the children take naps.  This type of intership will be great for Human Service majors, and students studying Early Childhood or Elementary Education.



The next group of photos were taken at the school for children with disabilities.  The garden and greenhouse areas are for growing fruit and vegetables for funding purposes.  They also make pinatas that are sold.  The picture where you can see the mats is used for physical therapy, and the the final picture is of their play ground.



The last stop was to see the public hospital internship site.  This would be a great experience for any student wanting a career in the medical field.  The emergency room was just like being in the states.  There were lots of people waiting.



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Walking Tour of La Ceiba

Yesterday we also took a walking tour of La Ceiba with a guide named Danny from the school.  He took us for icecream, to a souvenir shop, through the plaza, and to the headquarters of DOLE Pineapple, where there is a park.  Below are some pictures of our tour, including a picture of a baby pineapple.



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Meeting our Host Family


Yesterday, we left the hotel and travled to our host family in La Ceiba.  Lidia is our host “mom”, and her house is within walking distance of the school, the mall, and Dunkin Donuts.  Lidia is a very gracious host, and has made us feel very welcome in her home.  She can house up to 8 students for the school at a time.  Currently, we have another student in the house named Katsu.  Katsu is from Japan and he has visited 101 countries.  He is pictured on the left in the photo above, and Lidia is on the right.

Our bedroom is off the back of the house and is connected with a breezeway.  It also has an attached bath.  Lidia prepared dinner for us last night that consisted of home-made tortillas with beans, cheese, avocados, and egg.  They were very tasty!  This morning for breakfast we had a bowl of fresh fruit (Muy Bueno!), and a coffee cake.  Below are pictures of the outside and inside of our room.



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Student Excursions – Cayo Cochinos Islands


Today we took a student excursion to the Islands of Cayo Cochinos.  As part of the Spanish Emersion Program at Central Internacional de Idiomos, students can select from the excursions on the following website  This part of the program allows the students opportunties to explore all of La Ceiba’s natural attractions and rich culture. 

There were four island stops on our trip today.  The first one was for snorkeling on part of the coral reef, the second one was for an oceanography lesson in Spanish, the third one was a walking tour through a jungle to view snakes of the area, and the fourth stop was at the Island of the Garifuna people to eat lunch and view their village. 



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Shutterfly Site of Photos

If you are interested in viewing more photos of our trip please visit:

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